The Teaching, Mentoring, and Training Award (TMT Award)

Established by Doug Worsnop


The goal for this award
The Teaching, Mentoring, and Training Award (TMT Award) recognizes members of our community who have demonstrated excellence in supporting students, postdocs, research scientists, and early career scientists. We seek to highlight AAAR members and aerosol scientists who have created inclusive environments and/or who have provided this type of support to researchers from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences.

Eligibility for the 2024 Award

This award is open to aerosol scientists from a variety of sectors and backgrounds including, but not limited to, academia, government, and industry. It is also open to both mid-career and senior scientists and the definitions of teaching, mentoring, and training are broadly defined.

The nomination and supporting letters will be reviewed based on demonstrated strengths in some of the following areas. Please note, it is not required that the letters address all of the strengths and traits listed below and specific examples are welcome. The nomination should be submitted as one PDF file with the nominating letter first followed by supporting letters and the CV (optional). The packet must be submitted by June 10, 2024.

We are seeking nominations for aerosol scientists in the field who have demonstrated excellence in some or all of the following areas:

  1. A commitment to supporting professional skills development and growth towards independence for their mentees/trainees/students.
  2. The creation of an inclusive environment where mentees/trainees/students from diverse backgrounds and experiences feel welcomed and supported.
  3. Ensuring the continued success of mentees of all backgrounds throughout their careers.
  4. Support for mentees/trainees/students in their chosen career path.
  5. Originality in approach to training/mentoring/teaching or creativity in these areas that the nominators feel goes above and beyond what is expected.  
  6. Supports and encourages a broad platform for skilled and professional development, including communication skills, leadership, and management skills.

Please also include any additional information that you feel will help the awards committee assess the success of the nominee in supporting aerosol scientists. This can include information on the specific types of training, mentoring, and/or teaching that the nominee has carried out as well as any other relevant information not covered by the above areas.

Thank you to Doug Worsnop and other generous donations from AAAR members to establish this award!

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