AS&T Outstanding Publication Award

AS&T's Outstanding Publication Award is awarded annually to one paper published in Aerosol Science and Technology (AS&T) without regard to publication date. The award recognizes papers that have had a significant impact on the field. Nominations should include a single letter and a citation of approximately 100 words. The letter is limited to three pages and may be signed by more than one person. The citation is a succinct summary of the significance of the paper, suitable for dissemination with the award announcement. Self-nominations are not permitted.

AS&T's Editor-in-Chief presents the AS&T Outstanding Publication Award at the annual AAAR meeting. It consists of a certificate for each co-author, one plaque to be used at the discretion of the co-authors, and monetary award of $2000.In addition, it is announced in AS&T along with the rationale for its choice.

AS&T Publications recognized by this award:


Christopher M. Sorensen, “Light Scattering by Fractal Aggregates: A Review”, Aerosol Science and Technology, 35: 648-687 (2001)


Peng Liu, Paul Ziemann, David B. Kittelson & Peter McMurry. “Generating Particle Beams of Controlled Dimensions and Divergence: I. Theory of Particle Motion in Aerodynamic Lenses and Nozzle Expansions”, Aerosol Science and Technology, 22:3, 293-313. (1995)


Tami C. Bond and Robert W. Bergstrom. "Light absorption by carbonaceous particles: An investigative review," Aerosol Science and Technology 40.1 (2006): 27-67.


Robert McGraw, Description of Aerosol Dynamics by the Quadrature Method of Moments


Shih Chen Wang and Richard C. Flagan. "Scanning Electrical Mobility Spectrometer" Aerosol Science and Technology, *13*, 230-240 (1990).

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