AAAR 40th Annual Conference

Award Winners

Congratulations to the AAAR 2022 Award Winners!

Sheldon K. Friedlander Dissertation Award
Mingyi Wang

Susanne V. Hering Award
Lidia Morawska

Thomas T. Mercer Joint Prize
David Cipolla

David Sinclair Award
Neil Donahue

Kenneth T. Whitby Award
Tran Nguyen

AAAR Fellows
Hans Moosmüller
Sergey Nizkorodov

AS&T Outstanding Reviewer Awards
Bangwoo Han
David R. Hanson
Juha Kangasluoma
Sergey Nizkorodov
Benjamin Sumlin
Xiaoliang Wang
Yang Wang

AS&T Outstanding Publication Award
“Comparison of IMPROVE and NIOSH Carbon Measurements” by Judith C. Chow, John G. Watson, Dale Crow, Douglas H. Lowenthal, and Thomas Merrifield

Student Poster Competition Winners
Robert Alexander
Naomi Chang
Omar El. Hajj
Miguel Hilario
Joonwoo Kimm
Zhenli Lai
Chamari Mampage
Sripriya Nannu Shankar
Samuel O’Donnell
Drew Pronovost
Nagarajan Radhakrishnan
Felipe Rivera-Adorno
Adam Thomas
Cara Waters

Student Oral Platform Competition Winners
Ashley Bittner
Shruti Choudhary
Madeline Cooke
Dishit Ghumra
Mariah Gnegy
Brianna Peterson
Haley Plaas
Brooke Smith
Michael Tawadrous
Lee Tiszenkel

Fine Particle Art Microscopic Scale Competition
First Place
Microscopy Images from Cured-in-Place-Pipe Installation Particles by Brianna Peterson, Ana Morales, and Jay Tomlin

Second Place
Baby Elephant in Shades of Gray by Emma Tackman

Third Place
Size Dependent Morphology of Para-Aminophenol by Dewansh Rastogi and Kotiba Malek

Fine Particle Art Non-Microscopic Scale Competition
First Place
Can You Guess My Name? by Traci Lersch

Second Place
A. Me and my dog by Shalinee Kavadiya, Yiming Xi, and Pratim Biswas
B. Convoluted Beauty by Shalinee Kavadiya, Sujit Modi, and Pratim Biswas

Fine Particle Art Video Competition
First Place
Aerosol Light Interactions by Shruti Choudhary, Shalinee Kavadiya, and Pratim Biswas

Second Place
E-cigarette Aerosol Dynamics in the Lung by Haoxuan Chen, Airi Harui, Yu Feng, Michael D. Roth, and Yifang Zhu

Third Place
Aerosol Particles and Their Morphology by Kotiba Malek and Dewansh Rastogi

Juan Fernandez de la Mora Prize
Bryan R. Bzdek
Sarah Petters

Conference Registration Fees
Early Bird
(Through July 31)
(August 1-31)
(September 1-conference)
Regular $659 $749 $842
Early Career $531 $602 $671
Student $235 $235 $326
Retiree $235 $235 $326

Registration via the website portal will close on Sunday Sept. 25th, but you will still have the chance to Register in-person at the AAAR Registration Desk in the Raleigh Convention Center starting on Sunday October 2nd.