AAAR 41st Annual Conference

Exhibitor and Instrument Application Showcase

Aka. ‘Scientists doing Experiments drinking Coffee’

The 2023 AAAR Conference will include an ‘Exhibitor and Instrument Application Showcase’ area and platform track. The area in the exhibit hall will include a projector, demonstration table and seating adjacent to the exhibits and posters. Several platform sessions will be held here in parallel with the technical platform sessions running in the other meeting rooms.

The goals of these sessions are to encourage interaction between exhibitors and other attendees and to provide opportunities for practical education and exchange focusing on real measurement applications and challenges. The goal is NOT to provide a platform to advertise instruments (that is what the booths are for, and a reminder of booth presence is welcomed during these sessions).  Therefore, we hope someone involved in research, development, testing, or application of instrumentation would be the main presenter.

Example topics could include, but are not limited to: Demonstrate instrument sensitivity, explore measurement artifacts (and how to avoid them), instrument and sampling line configuration demonstrations, ‘field stories’ with lessons learned from intensive field campaigns (on specific instruments or more broadly), lab vs field comparisons of instruments, ‘What I wish I knew’ - avoiding common measurement mistakes, troubleshooting tutorials/demonstrations, measurement challenges associated with particular applications, among others.

Session structure:

  • ‘ES’ sessions will be run in parallel with technical sessions in the Exhibit Hall space, with either 15 or 30 minute time slots possible, depending on what is proposed in the abstract (see below)
  • For a 30 minute time slot (2 normal platform time slots), the proposal must be either 1) a hands-on demo/data collection activity with a running instrument and ‘pedagogical’ intent, OR 2) a ‘collaborative’ presentation by an instrument developer jointly with an instrument user, to present real-world examples of instrument functionalities, complexities, or finer-level practical details of instrument deployments from a user/system integration perspective.
  • Submissions are encouraged to include real-time demonstrations, hands-on activities, possibly short videos/other media from field or lab deployments.
  • A poster session associated with this stream may be possible (depending on number of submissions and available time slots), perhaps with posters set up in the ‘showcase’ area. We will aim to find times for platform presentations for all those who wish to offer them.

Abstract submission:

  • Abstracts will be submitted via the normal process for technical talks and the ‘Exhibitor and Instrument Showcase’ Option selected under ‘Session’ during submission. It is strongly suggested that the abstract highlight the practical/pedagogical element of the proposed. An abstract code is required for submission, and those who don’t have abstract codes should contact the Conference Chair.
  • Those making submissions should also add additional information in a form linked in the abstract submission site. For example, if a ‘double slot’ is requested, please provide a brief justification for the request (why do you need extra time? What is the value offered by your demonstration/collaborative presentation?) and any other relevant details about instrument/space requirements.

Presentation options

  • A table with power will be included for real-life demonstrations (highly encouraged!)
  • A projector will be available for screencast of instrument GUIs, real time data, etc.
  • Limited seating will be available, but we also plan for ‘overflow’ space for various levels of engagement.


  • Anyone can submit an abstract including exhibitors, non-exhibiting companies, academic research groups.
Dates to Remember

October 2 - 6, 2023
AAAR 41st Annual Conference

Code of Conduct


Oregon Convention Center
777 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Portland, OR 97232


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