American Association for Aerosol Research


David SinclairDavid Sinclair Award

The David Sinclair Award recognizes sustained excellence in aerosol research and technology by an established scientist still active in his/her career. The individual's research must have a lasting impact in aerosol science.

The award memorializes David Sinclair, one of aerosol science's great innovators, known for his knowledge, ingenuity and energy. Sinclair distinguished himself as a pioneer in aerosol science through his work with Victor LaMer at Columbia University.

Eligibility for the 2014 Award

  • Nominee must have received his/her highest degree in 2004 or earlier.
  • At least one letter of nomination must be submitted by a current AAAR member.
  • At least two but no more than five supporting letters (need not be from AAAR members; cannot be from a member of the Awards Committee).
  • Nominee's curriculum vitae

The letters must state the particular reasons for nominating the individual. The curriculum vitae should include a list of published work.

List of Recipients

1988 — Virgil A. Marple
1989 — Kvetoslav R. Spurny
1990 — Morton Lippmann
1991 — E. James Davis
1992 — James R. Brock
1993 — Richard C. Flagan
1994 — James H. Vincent
1995 — Sudarshan K. Loyalka
1996 — Peter H. McMurry
1997 — Howard Reiss
1998 — Heinz Fissan
1999 — Daniel E. Rosner
2000 — James W. Gentry
2001 — Richard A. Dobbins
2002 — David Y.H. Pui
2003 — Christopher Sorensen
2004 — Philip K. Hopke
2005 — Richard K. Chang
2006 — Juan Fernandez de la Mora
2007 — George M. Hidy
2008 — Paul A. Baron
2009 — William C. Hinds
2010 — Barbara J. Turpin
2011 — Michael Zachariah
2012 — Roger O. McClellan
2013 — Pratim Biswas